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I'm seriously considering no longer posting something everyday.   

I always seem to be busy lately, especially when each new project seems to take all day---or more.  Especially now, when I seem to be making more sculptural projects and photoshoots, where I don't know how long they may take to perfect.  Whereas with a drawing, I know what to do and I just have to plough through it.  Or I could even just scribble a doodle to upload.  But all my work as been new techniques and unfamiliar sculptures lately.  Then posting to DeviantArt, with all the Author's Comments and keywords to write, seem like too much trouble by the end of the night, when I'm so sleepy and tired of being up every night until 3am. 

I've been thinking about making a new Tumblr blog where I can post art everyday, since it's always much faster there.  Though, being forced to write those "Author's Comments" at Deviant Art, is sometimes the only way I remember to write about _how_ I made something.  And when I later need to replicate a piece, I'm so thankful for those Author's Comments.  I'm still thinking about all this.

 In the meantime, I've still got lots of other things to distract me.  Tax season, making stock for Artist Alleys, trying to return to Figure Friday Challenges, etc.  Sorry, everybody.  Things are changing.

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shadow searching for dragons
United States
Still trying to find my style and mediums. But I like learning every kind of art and craft I can. I find that cosplay exercises the most techniques at once. And fandom always keeps me practicing. I dream of writing and drawing a manga of my Personal Myth. I love animation and comics, but particularly anime and manga, which influence everything I do.

UPDATE 5:24 PM 3/4/2014:
I will no longer post daily to Deviant Art.
Daily posts will now be at
More finished pieces will be re-posted to Deviant Art. Not daily, but whenever they are properly finished.
For explainations/apologies, please see and…

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I love your pledge to post something new everyday, very uplifting.
Thanks!  Always glad to spread uplifting-ness around.  ^.~  It really is cathartic, even when I just post doodles.  Sorry I've been skipping it lately.  I've been away from a good internet connection for like a week.  ^^;
ZellyKat Jul 14, 2013  Professional General Artist
Oh hey MysticDragon!!! It's me Zelly. How are you?
Ooh...! I know that name...! ^o^ It's so nice to hear from the ol' Zel/Lina community again. ^-^ Though I can't remember which Z/L fanfics you wrote. #^^#;;;;;;; Refresh my memory?
ZellyKat Jul 14, 2013  Professional General Artist
Oh, no no not that one. Sorry to confuse. Zellykat, from the Inuyasha gathering. I was Kagome. The one with the kid.
Whoops, that was embarrassing! #^^#;;; Sorry about my notorious bad memory. x_x; Nice to see you on DA. ^_^
(1 Reply)
yay I saw you at AX ouo
You saw me? But I was cosplaying Flying Mint Bunny! I was invisible! You have magic powers! *o* (Seriously...Hi! & thanks if you stopped by my table. ^_^ )
lawl yes I cosplay as Iggy sometimes XD You're welcome :3 yea I got a card from you and found you ouo
cats0448 Jul 1, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi I bought a necklace from you day two of ax :D
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